Mobile phone spy camera jammers

Due to these matching frequencies, interference will occur which results in mobile and camera to receive signal from base stations. Every type of Mobile Jammer will contain antennas to send radio signal to interrupt connection between phones and base stations. Now a days, Most of people from different organization work as a detective and using spy camera, spy audio devices and spy gadgets for vigilance and surveillance on others company.

So, this device provides us security from these concerns and issue by jamming their signals. It has a unique design and technology that makes it different from other kind of jammers. The basic purpose of this wireless spy camera jammer is that they can disable all kind of signals of spy cameras that is working via LAN and Bluetooth bands etc.

It is used for maintaining privacy and to keep environment free from noise. It can disable signals between range of 30m. It come in variable frequency range as per to their distance. It is portable in size, design and radius, so we can easily take it ans hide it in your briefcase, packet and pockets etc.

Basically it cover the frequency range of Mhz It have employed with a rechargeable NI-MH battery and an adapter for its charging purpose. The pocket phone jammer will assist you in your business meetings where there is a always a chance of video recording. Nobody can record without your consent.

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Simple cell phone jammers have not had this ability to stop video recordings of mobile phones. This facility is featured in wireless camera.

They have their own importance in security, defense as well as in military. Jamming Radius depends on the signal strength in a defined area. This device can continue its work when charged up to 90 minutes.

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    Camera jammer - 8 Band 4G Portable Signal Jammer PRO with Cell and GPS Coverage

    High Power Mobile Phone Jammer is a very helpful when you are running on main project or driving on a busy road so that you could focus on that unique project as well on driving to avoid any tragedy while talking on the mobile phone. It also maintain when you are conducting any special business discussion or any conference with so that no one can disturb you. The mobile jammer can also be very useful at house while you are sleeping or when you are in washroom or bath because in such kinds of circumstances you just could not pick the mobile phone and in such cases many people get too angry if an urgent call comes in that circumstances.

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