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In , cellphone users were roughly one in three callers to dispatchers. For land lines, dispatchers automatically knew where they were. If you were in Chicago calling from a cellphone with a area code, for example, Chicago dispatchers would forward the call to Las Vegas police. That was unhelpful at the least and dangerous at the worst, said Ben Levitan, who spent 30 years designing cellphone networks and holds dozens of patents on the technology.

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Cellphone companies came up with a way to locate the phones and instantly transmit their coordinates to dispatchers. Today, as 70 percent of phone calls to are made by cellphones, dispatchers can see where they are calling from. The information must be accurate to within 50 to meters, depending on the type of technology used.

The system has since spawned a host of other uses. Companies like Apple, Microsoft and various third parties all provide ways to track missing phones from a computer or tablet.

Cell phone tracker review

Police picked up the phone and returned it. Experts say the systems are not completely reliable. Four different groups of people had showed up at his house in the two years before. And North Las Vegas police showed up to his home once, in error, responding to a domestic dispute call. But on Dec.

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About two weeks later he was awakened at 4 a. Dobson followed a flashlight beam to his bathroom window. When he looked out, the person flashed the light in his face.

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Get out of my yard! North Las Vegas cops had received a call from a woman on a cellphone who was arguing with a man.

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He was taken outside to his front yard and searched. When officers realized the mistake, they apologized.

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